Everyone needs Handyman Services in Dubai, whether you are moving to a new home or redoing your property after conducting a snagging service check. You may end up needing a handyman service in Dubai. Sometimes you may have some type of repairs or even plan on installing a new portrait, changing a bulb, adding shower curtains, or simply installing your cool new TV Installation Service.

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A lot of people think they can do it themselves. Apart from the time, it would take, if you install something wrongly that may cause damage or your portrait or TV to fall from the wall. It can lead to a devastating loss. DIY can always take up valuable time and resources, which you may not have with you.

You also do not have the skills to fix up shelves or drill in the wall to create fixtures for your walls, cabinets, etc. In that case, let the pros handle it. We at Top Fix Property Maintenance in Dubai, offer the best handyman services near you. We have plenty of handyman professiona in our team who are ready to help you with any handyman requirements you need at a call’s distance. Whether, it is decorating, repairs, or installing, you will never have to depend on anyone else when Top Fix is on the job. We operate with handyman dubai experience, skill and safety and ensure that your appliances are fixed perfectly so your family can stroll around the place safely.

Our handyman services also tidy up after going. We ensure your place is as beautiful as it was before calling us. We remove and clean the vicinity and also add protection for your floor carpet and furniture to ensure no dust, particles, or paint dripping fall on your personal belongings. We bring all the necessary tool that is required for the job so you don’t have to bother about equipment. Just continue to stay hassle-free and do whatever it is you do while we get the job done.  We always advise our clients to not fidget with electrical replacements such as plugs, light bulbs, and installations as the wrong application can cause sparks and even fire. This could be life-threatening to your family.

Our Handyman Services Offer:

Light fixtures

Our Handyman Services in Dubai replace all faulty bulbs, and spotlights, and advise using the best brands to ensure you save in the long term. We also check and repair faulty switches, make dual connection provisions, replace faulty wiring, etc.

TV Installations –

Our handyman Services for fixing TV installations are the best in Dubai. We also advise where the TV would be more suitable to get the best view from your room. We handle bulk installations at any facility.

Furniture Assembling

Let’s face it you don’t have the time to set up a bed or a cabinet, etc. We offer quick handyman services with the ability to improvise under any situation to quickly get all your furniture assembled. Even if you are moving to a new location and require assembling.

Wall Painting Hanging

When it comes to wall painting hangings you need the perfect height and placement to get the best admiring focus. Our professional handyman is quick on the job and will have your wall paintings fixed up in no time. We do homes, commercials, and office fixings for handy.

Curtain Installations

When it comes to curtain installations like setting up the curtain hangers and fixtures in your rooms, bathroom, etc. We are pros at it. Our handyman service will have it done in no time.

Home Appliances/ White Good Installations

Let’s say you are moving to a new place or have bought a sea product that does not come with an installation service. We are on the job and can provide professional handyman services in Dubai to fix a new drain for your washing machine or install any appliances with outlets etc.

Why Picking Top Fix Handyman Services Is the Best Option

Great Reviews – We have happy customers wherever we go. We see that the entire job is completed before handing it over to the client.

Cleaning Up – With Top Fix, it is not just working on your repairs or installation but also taking good care of your surroundings. We ensure we do not damage your property by ensuring all your belongings, carpets, and furniture is well covered. We don’t drop any moisture, painting, dust, or wood particles while installing drilling, painting, etc.

Affordable – This is the best part. We may be a big handyman service company in Dubai with years of experience but we do not forget our humble beginnings. This is why we continue to charge affordable rates to all our customers. Our clients get great deals on fixing and services, including contracts whether they are old or new customers.

Get Free Quotes – It is always safe to pick us. We let you know the cost before we start the work so you do not get tagged any hidden charges. You know what your budget is going to be ahead of time with us.

Important things about Top Fix Property Maintenance Handyman Services In Dubai are we are trustworthy and reliable. Our staff is always busy with various projects so their skills are always refined. This is why our handover time is quick and faster than other competitors. We handle everything at Top Fix whether it is plumbing services, carpentry services, maintenance repairs, renovation and fit-out services, or any other property fixing and extensions you require.

We are the one point for all your solutions. Our professional style enables us to not only provide you with repairs but also advise you on repairs and installations with particular product brands that can save you cost in the future. We always advise our clients to go for superior quality products and get them at the best possible rates so your repairs last longer than average. We always ensure to make our clients live a hassle-free life with property work that is reliable and repairs that they can count on us. Know more whats app or visit the best property maintenance service in Dubai.