Congratulations, You now have a plan in your head to buy a property and you need to inspect and have some snagging services before handover. Whether you are a tenant, financer, contractor, stakeholder, or the owner of an apartment, villa or building. Dubai is one of the best places to buy real estate property in the market. However, it is important to see everything. You need to know the facts before investing in properties. Just like you take a car for a test drive before you buy it. You need to be very careful before purchasing a property or you may regret it. Many people who buy properties in Dubai are unaware of the current state of the facility. Maybe, you have seen the property a couple of years before and now have the budget to move forward or are simply out of the country and just going by ads and pictures of the home on property purchase sites.

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The Basics Of Properties In Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city that is a clean, rich lifestyle and is a global attraction for tourists. With the constant outpour of tourist traffic in and out, the real estate value and ROI for properties are now the best in the world. You need to remember however that there are tourists who sell and buy the same place for eons. So, when you buy a place and choose to either sell or rent it out. You need to get the repairs and any maintenance issues fixed before selling it.

Tourist who visits this lovely city always come to inspect the place before they move in. So, if the appeal is not to their liking that is a good sale that just walked out of your hand. This could cost you huge losses and we all know if any maintenance is left unattended, it is just going to get bigger and cause more damage to the property. This in turn means you end up spending more.

This is why snagging a property by maintenance professionals is crucial. It is more difficult to continue maintenance once people have moved in as well. Getting it done on a priority level means you can even charge a higher rate for a more appealing property. You also end up saving tons of money with an early fixup.

Snagging & Repair Management Services

Top Fix Property Maintenance in Dubai is one of the best repairs and maintenance services near you. Top Fix has years of experience with snagging and property inspection which is done free of charge. The team of highly trained professionals takes a details tour and inspects every square inch of the property to ensure any damage or repair required is observed and reported in their snagging report to the owner or tenant. Top Fix handles all types of inspections for villas, apartments, buildings, offices, and commercial areas all over Dubai properties for purchase or rent. We know that a person who is going to stay will want the place to be in prime condition. They will always seek to stay in the best properties in Dubai that have value for money.

Reasons The Property Can Be Damaged


How Does Snagging Work With Top Fix?

Top Fix Property Maintenance in Dubai will stringently investigate the site and note down word for word of all the things that need repairs or replacements. The damage report will then be shared with the owner or tenant who requested the service at no charge. The best part is Top Fix offers very affordable prices and quotes for repair and maintenance services. We are very transparent with the work so you will not encounter any hidden charges later.

You need to ensure that your snagging services are done well in advance so you get all damages repaired before handover to the new tenant or buyer. Top Fix even handles any fix-outs services or renovation services. If you want the place to have partitions or a new fancy look to raise the price for ROI and the real estate value of the place.

Why Is Home/Villa/Property Inspection Beneficial?

In case the property has a large amount of damage than before you purchase it. You can share the damage report with the seller and even avail credit for the same. Another such reason is that you know what your estimated budget is going to be for the fix.

You can calculate your income and expenditures in advance with peace of mind. You can also get a detailed explanation about what maintenance needs to be fixed on a priority and what can wait.

This assessment report will empower any real estate investors, buyers, and owners to be aware of the entire damage so you can plan out their maintenance repairs accordingly with Top Fix.


What Does Top Fix Checklist For Your Snagging Inspection Include?

We will run a physical check onsite check each and every look and corner of your property to see if any damage, molding, cracks, seepage, etc.

This is necessary so that we know that your property is safe and not going to cave in or start chipping away in the long run. We will check if you require any roofing services, gypsum services, repairs, or handyman services.


Our team of professional inspectors shall examine the texture and the coating on your wall to determine if any painting is peeling off, if any dark patches or damp spots have formed, and recommend if you need any such painting services.

This is important as the property value will drop or no one will want to stay if there are faulty or loose connections. We will check all sockets and appliances and let you know if any wiring is damaged or needs repairs.

It is impossible to stay in an accommodation in Dubai without the HVAC unit working. Our expert inspector will check your AC ducts, filters, and vents to make sure they are not clogged. Check your thermostat and cooling is working perfectly and efficiently. So, we can determine if you don’t need A C technician services.

No one will want to stay in a place where there is leaking pipes, damaged septic unit, broken faucets or a water heater that is not working. Our team will make sure that all devices are fully functional and if we notice anything out of the ordinary that needs plumbing repairs or replacements, we will note it down in the report.

Our team will also check to see that the glass pane is not broken or cracked and that both the door and windows close easily without any rusted hinges etc. If you need any window repairs or carpentry service, we will jot it down in the report.

The last thing you want is an injury falling down loose steps, railings or stairways. We will check and make notes if any flooring on the stairs or rails requires any replacement or repairs.

This is the most beautiful part of your home with the view to entertain you guest and family or just to kick back and relax. It should also be safe. We will check to ensure that the flooring, rails or any part of the balcony or porch is well intact.

You can rest assured that Top Fix Property Maintenance LLC is

professional at what we do. Besides giving you a thorough inspection of your place and a well-detailed report. Top Fix will also ensure that you get the best rates in the market that other property maintenance companies or facility management companies in Dubai may not be able to and charge you extra. Top Fix believes in working long-term with our clients so they keep coming back to us for new projects. As we have a wide range of property maintenance services that cater to several-star hotel properties to private residential clients and all are treated with the same mutual respect. For more details visit our website or whats app.