Fit-out Services In Dubai With The Best City Price

  Get the best fit out companies in Dubai. The city of Dubai is lush and attractive and filled with tourism. Naturally along with tourism come real estate properties that cater to offices worth global audience, residents and tenants working or on holidays for long-term sessions, attractive commercial and retail outlets for business, and much […]

Affordable Home/Villa/Office/Building/Commercial Renovation Services in Dubai

Top Fix is a big property renovation contractor in Dubai. We are one of the best when it comes to home renovation companies in Dubai. We understand exactly what our clients are looking for. We provide world-class quality property renovation company options in Dubai. Whether you are looking out for home renovation services in Dubai, […]

Emergency Handyman Services in Dubai At Best Offer

Companies that offer handyman services are plenty but getting reliable and best offer handyman services for any emergency can be a tough task. You need a company that has lots of experience with plenty of professional staff ready on the call to quickly fix any emergency and requirement for your property. Top Fix offers handyman […]

Why Painting Services In Dubai Should Never Be DIY

painting services in Dubai

When it comes to painting services in dubai, anything in your house or office space, commercial area, or industry. The best way for you to do it is to hire a professional painting contractor in Dubai. In simple terms, it is going to help in a lot of ways. Several reasons could be behind this. […]

All Wood Polishing Services in Dubai At Affordable Rates Here

wood polishing

Get the best wood polishing services in Dubai at affordable rates. Dubai is famous for the most beautiful wood polished furniture available with fine designs from different countries and styles such as Jacobean, Victorian, Dutch, Chippendale, Federal, Modern, Antique, Vintage, and several dozen more. However, as time passes the look begins to fade. Buying a […]

Exterior Building Painting Contractors in Dubai


When it comes to exterior painting services. No other company is as good as Top Fix Services. We are a property maintenance company with absolute experience in painting. Whether it is painting services in Dubai for your house, villa painting, exterior building painting, exterior commercial painting, or even factory wall paintings, we do it all. […]

Red Flag Property Maintenance Scams in Dubai To Watch Out For

propert scam

Encountering a good property maintenance company with no red flags or property maintenance scams may have been easier in the past. The rise of new technology and bold scammers has led to a lot of fraud maintenance companies ready to scam people. People fall flat for their gas lighting or charming techniques using discounts, deals, […]

Painting Services And Colors Choices For Dubai Properties

painting services in Dubai

Need the best painting services in dubai? Are you planning to sell or buy or sell your home in Dubai? It will shock you to know that the paint colors directly influence the sale of your house or villa apartment. It is very important to select the right color for your paint job and also […]

Best Maintenance Repairs In Dubai

best maintenance in dubai

For several valid reasons the best maintenance repairs in dubai, Top Fix believes that any property maintenance issues need to be fixed at an early stage. This is to avoid further delays which can lead to more damage. Just like an infection or a disease can spread if not treated so can damage to property. […]

How Maintenance Companies Can Reduce Your DEWA Utility Bill?

dewa bill

When it comes to reducing the DEWA bill with the best maintenance services in Dubai, everyone gets worried. You may give your property out for rent to a tenant, a building rented out to an office, or for commercial use. Sometimes you may not get the returns on investment that you are looking for. Believe […]